Mobile Technology in Education

By | May 29, 2022

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The integration of mobile technology into the classroom so what is mobile technology it can be defined as learning across multiple context through social media and content interaction using personal electronic devices. Here are some examples of mobile technology Chrome books iPods cell phones iPods and e-readers here we have a group of students that are using Chrome books Chrome books can be used for Google Drive and Google Docs Google Chrome Google Apps for Education Google Play for education and Google+ Hangouts. Students may also use cell phones for educational purposes cell phones can be used to record lectures deliver materials the use of educational apps and they may also be used as Student Response systems. this group of students are using iPods the iPod can be used as an audio or video player this allows students to experience multi-dimensional learning here we have a student using an e-reader e-readers are making an entrance into school libraries and classrooms. One major benefit of a reader’s is their tremendous potential to attempt reluctant readers to read more they offer extra support for English language learners and also offer economic advantages when compared to textbooks students.


May also use iPods within the classroom the iPod in the classroom brings education to life the iPod offers endless access to valuable information such as a dictionary and thesaurus. Which previously were only available in printed form at interactive technology makes learning more engaging and memorable tools. Such as audio and video recorders can change the way that learning takes place and homework is completed like many other technological gadgets. The op pad gives students access to numerous educational apps and tools we will now watch a video that demonstrates. how iPods can effectively enhance learning one via hungry Robin saw an inchworm I don’t want to completely cut out the traditional way to turn the books and then turning the pages because it’s very important for the children things still have that experience it makes it that much more real to them helps them to understand it better. so that when they go to apply what they’ve learned with me that they already kind of have a good foundation for the skills so they’re going to do practicing on the iPod okay all right there you go this year have had the opportunity to use the iPods.


The iPod touches to help enhance their fluency instructions and the kids have really taken off they should get to pick stories that they want to read they record themselves reading it. And then they can hear themselves reading it right away Oh mother everyone to be cover to fetch her poor job well this gives them the opportunity to have some\self-reflection and try to improve on themselves. Because they hear it and make it excited and they think oh I can do better than matter this is better. Than when I did it two days ago I have students that came in very unsure themselves not very confident and they’ve gone from they don’t like to read that was something. that kids like to say at the beginning of year or I can’t read I don’t know how to read too I like reading listen to me read and to me to have that opportunity to give every child a chance to have success and to feel success. Amazing that is more than worth it all the work that’s gone into this project makes that more than Mother Hubbard. Was there I show the core job very good.


The best things out of this I’ve had projects have been far outweighing the difficult parts of the project. that’s the first photo project it was the technical difficulties working through the technical side of things getting everything loaded in finding apps and doing all the things waiting up to the part of implementation. that was difficult and once implementation started the whole context just kind of took a turn for the better I thought I is better than I ever expected which one end would hold the most amount of Jesus just going any kind of change can intimidate someone. And this is just you have to have the right mindset and think. Okay this is just change it’s not doing something completely different with school bus disorder good it’s just enhancing their learning. It’s enhancing your instruction because you have so much more capability to provide activities. That is specifically aligned to your instruction whereas before it just works use pencil paper tough.

Teaching levels

I think if the teachers are open to trying something new and open to seeing something that gone from a small project to taking over the whole classroom. Because I mean they found ways to integrate it into different content areas. and they come up with ideas on how to extend their learning his teachers saw that in place I think that they would be whole heartedly accepting and that process which worm is shorter this year’s given me the opportunity to research into find different applications that are available to help differentiate my instruction for each child. And actually I’m able to individualize the instruction for each child I’m able to track their teacher I can refine certain students need certain task. So I can see there the data that occurs after they complete the task I can see how successful they were are not successful and that’s given me more opportunity to help them.